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PAT (Portable appliance testing) is officially known as the
"In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment". PAT involves periodic testing and inspection of appliances that may be:

  • Used by staff
  • Used by members of the public. For example, in schools, hospitals, and hotels
  • Hired by or supplied to the public
  • In rented accommodation.

In-service testing is carried out as a routine to determine whether the equipment is in satisfactory condition and suitable for the purpose for which it is employed.

It is the responsibility of the duty holder to ensure that "as may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems (electrical equipment that is, or may be, connected to a common source of electrical energy) shall be maintained so as to prevent...such danger."

In short, if it has a plug on it (and often when it doesn't) it needs to be maintained so as to prevent danger. We have included here definitions for equipment that is covered and guidelines for testing frequencies that are necessary for different types of appliance. It is also important for you to see the responsibilities that each company needs to consider and so we have provided a section entitled The Law and You.

Above all, if you do have any questions about electrical testing then please do contact us without obligation.

The type and frequency of testing depends on several factors and you can find out more on our testing frequency page.

"CTS are extremely happy with the service we received from AM - the PAT testing is undertaken in a quiet, efficient and friendly manner..."
Miriam Evans

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